How to change the color of your Warcraft ID



Do you want have a colorful name(ID) in Warcraft? Just follow my trick.

1.Download the tool “LanNameSpoofer”

Download LanNameSpoofer   1822 hits

2.Run Warcraft or Wow, then use “Alt+Tab” to shift to desktop and run LanNameSpoofer

3.Shown in the following pic, click the “Patch!” button warcraft2.gif

4.Click “Choose color”, “Begin color” following the order and you will get the code like “|CFFFF3333”. Put your name behind the code, and then click “End color” to end the code” (Because of the length limit in Warcraft, you can just put your name in as 3 byte length, but you can cut out “|R” to obtain 5 byte length. Warning: You may not get the color you want by using LanNameSpoofer, so please modify the hex color code following “|CFF” yourself, for example, the red is FF3333)

5.Copy the code (use”Ctrl+C”and”Ctrl+V”) you have got to name field in the game, then you are unique now, (When you lunch your game next time, please redo the step 3)