Append Session ID(SID) to Url Automatically When Cookies Are Forbidden

Today, when I was reviewing the session part of PHP, I suddenly came out a question: how to make PHP to append session ID(SID) to your page links automatically when cookies are forbidden in that browser? I managed to do this in JSP, but not sure whether the PHP can also handle this problem.

I checked the configuration files (php.ini) for my apache server, and there is a session section, under which there is a setting session.use_trans_sid = 0. After I changed this to session.use_trans_sid = 1, and restarted apache, the links of the page which invoked session_start() have now appended the SID. There is also an url_rewriter.tags, with which you can define what elements of a page will be appended.

Here are some demo codes: