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  1. LDBL_MAX -1.#QNAN0e+000 with MinGW?

    I have tried to run this with both eclipse(CDT)+MinGW and Cygwin+GCC [code lang=”c”] int main() { puts("The range of "); printf("tlong double is [%Le, %Le]∪[%Le, %Le]n", -LDBL_MAX, -LDBL_MIN, LDBL_MIN, LDBL_MAX); return EXIT_SUCCESS; } [/code] but got different results: In eclipse(CDT)+MinGW The range of long double is [-1.#QNAN0e+000, 3.237810e-319]∪[6.953674e-310, 0.000000e+000] In Cygwin+GCC The range of long Continue reading...